Semalt Expert Explains What A Link Pyramid Is And How You Can Benefit From It

Link Building Pyramid

The link pyramid concept may sound quite disturbing - in the 21st century, we are probably all highly sensitive to all pyramids (from financial to MLM), and in SEO this link-building practice is also not very popular. So why is it still possible to find sites that offer a link pyramid? What is the link pyramid in the meaning of white hat SEO in 2022 and what distinguishes it from the traditional one, whose golden days have passed more than a decade ago?

What is a link pyramid?

The SEO link pyramid is a strategy for building a multi-level link network. The most important rule in this linking tactic is the appropriate prioritization of links: from the most valuable and difficult to get, through the medium ones, to the least demanding, but the most numerous ones. 

The lower in the pyramid, the quality drops, and the quantity increases - and this may be the biggest problem for people who want to conduct their link-building in accordance with the latest trends and good SEO practices, but we can assure you that it can all be reconciled! (You will read about how to do this in a moment.)

What is a link pyramid in the modern sense?

Remember that this is a link-building strategy, not a one-off action. This means that you can have an infinite number of links at each level in the form of a link pyramid, not one, two, or three pyramids - unless you want to divide them up yourself, for example, according to sentences or sub-pages that you position, for internal order.

However, there is no answer to the question "how many pyramids of links are worth having". We also do not recommend buying the magic packages, as this solution is quite far from modern. Good SEO practices focus on natural link growth and taking care of the quality of the created content.

The structure of the link pyramid itself is very useful and nothing prevents you from using it alongside other strategies!

What does the link pyramid look like?

Link pyramid levels

Site map1. Links leading to the website

From the perspective of a positioned website, these are the most important links that directly affect its position. The purpose of the link pyramid is to strengthen them. It should be ensured that they are especially valuable and safe for the website. Importantly, at the very beginning, the first group may include only a few links, e.g. 5, the most important thing is that they should be really valuable in the eyes of Google.

Examples of sites where level 1 links can be placed: industry portals, news portals, high-quality backend (e.g., portals where companies can post their content: clothing for a children's clothes store, recipe hub for a store that sells blenders, about animals for a pet store).

2. High and medium quality links leading to level 1 links

These are the lines thanks to which you will strengthen the most valuable lines of the pyramid. At this stage, it is worth taking care of sharing on social media, which will naturally (without your participation) contribute to improving the operation of the first group of links. 

In addition, use all the medium DA domains that you have collected among your favorite spots. You can use both long and shorter forms of content to accompany the links here. There should be about 5-10 times more links in this section than in the previous group.

Examples of sites where level 2 links can be placed: guest blog posts, medium quality backend, social media posts

3. Lower quality links leading to level 2 ones

What is the third level link pyramid? This is where more links come into play, the power of which you pass on to level 2 links. There should be about 5 times more than the previous links. You don't have to pay so much attention to the content here - the most important thing is that you can create and maintain them, even if it would be, for example, a link on your profile with 1-2 sentences of content.

Examples of sites where 3rd level links can be placed: valuable and thematically consistent forums, profiles, blog comments.

Tip: If you're having trouble finding spots, remember to analyze your competition with SEO tools such as the Dedicated Seo Dashboard!

How to build a link pyramid? Step by step

  1. Start at the top - links leading to the page you want to improve are the most important in the whole process. Their quality is also absolutely crucial. Ideally, this should be the content placed on the most reputable portals with a very high Domain Authority, thematically connected with the industry of the positioned website, e.g., valuable sponsored articles.
  2. A ready and indexed link from level 1 of the pyramid can now be treated as a landing page for further linking. Make sure that the valuable content also gains natural publicity and high traffic, e.g., thanks to the sharing of interested people on social media. In addition, on the second level of the pyramid, you can create links to minor back-ups and medium-sized Domain Authority websites.
  3.  On the third level, use the power of blog comments, valuable and thematically compatible (very important!) Forums or profiles.
  4. Remember to index all links! 

What NOT to do when creating a link pyramid?

Is it worth creating a link pyramid? Advantages and disadvantages

Here checkout the Relevant steps Backlinks Pyramid

Why not just link to your landing page? What is the advantage of the link pyramid over traditional linking? Why create weaker links at all? There are at least several reasons.


How to build a link pyramid? - summary

Is a link pyramid a black hat SEO? Not necessarily - it all depends on how you create it. Cheap and fast package links will most likely be suitable for Black Hat SEO, but if you follow good SEO practices, you won't have to worry about penalties from Google or a drop in search engine confidence in your website, while maintaining the benefits of this linking scheme. 

To build a link pyramid, you shall: